Friday, September 7, 2012

Latest Etsy

I stumbled across Etsy a few years ago, and didn't quite trust or understand it. I understood that it was a site where individuals could sell homemade items. Be it things you've owned for a certain amount of time, or things you've created. You can find the specific criteria here. But now that I've educated myself about Etsy, and will soon be launching my own line of greeting/note cards, and invitations I've become somewhat obsessed with the idea of "Etsy."

During the wedding planning period, Etsy became a friend of mine. My fiance and I wanted our wedding to be "different." We wanted people to walk away saying, "I've never been to a wedding like yours. It was so unique." And luckily people are still telling us that. I did't buy tons and tons of things off Etsy, but I did buy quite a few items that I would like to share with you.

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The first thing I purchased off Etsy was our cupcake toppers. I was immediately intrigued by these because I had never seen anything like it. Amie at Enamorweddings was always available and was able to produce every single detail of my dress, jewerly, hair, and even birdcage veil. It was truly amazing, and Amie is one talented lady. Right now the toppers are sitting in our basil pot, but hands down the best purchase I made for the wedding.

Have you stumbled across unique cake/cupcake toppers?


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