Thursday, September 6, 2012

September goals

I've been known to procrastinate every once and a while. Especially when it comes to things that scare me. The doctor scares me. No. It really scares me. Flying scares me. I've flown at least twenty times, but I haven't done it since 2006 and even the thought of it freaks me out. I am also aware that the only way I'll be able to conquer those fears is to just do it. And when it comes to procrastinating, if I make my priorities known say maybe in a public forum, then it helps me to be held accountable. Which is why at the beginning of every month I'll create a list of monthly goals.
One of my inspiration behind a monthly goal list was Elise.

I'll quickly touch on a few of my goals. I got married last month:) (I'll share pics soon), and I have tons of pictures that I want to make into a book. I love the site blurb, and finally have a reason to create a book with excited! I am a graphic designer by trade, but currently work in the school system with special education students. It has its rewarding moments, but it's not what makes me happy. It's not what I was put on this earth to do. I am a creative person at heart, and creativity in the visual sense is what. Makes. Me. Happy. So I've finally decided to transfer all those ideas in my sketchbook to my Mac, and have a crack at Etsy. Keep me in your prayers ya'll:)

What things do you do to hold yourself responsible? What makes you stay on target? I would love to hear your suggestions...maybe I'll use one or two along the way:)


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