Friday, June 8, 2012

"Best Friends"

I've never been one to use the title "best friends." Growing up, I thought it was jive, and loved going against what was popular, so it gave me pleasure saying I didn't have "best friends."
I've also only kept a few friends in my circle, and obviously I considered them best friends, only I didn't use that title. But as I've gotten older, I use that word often. Maybe it's because my circle has decreased in size. Or maybe it's because I use it without thinking. Whatever the reason, I'm totally cool with the word now. I have several close friends, but my two closest friends I met in college. Sarah lives here in the city, and the other in North Carolina. But Sarah is moving in a couple days, and it just hit me today:( It made me really sad.  So we went to get sushi at Teak, as a last relaxing hurrah! I'm so happy she's doing what's best for her and her family, but it also made me reflect on my life.

my photo

my photo
After living in Chicago for almost 5 years, I thought I was only going to be home in Cincy for a year, 2 max. And almost five years later I'm still here:( I love that I met my husband to be here, and we're going to be starting our lives together in a couple months, but I really thought I would be living somewhere else:( And doing something that makes me happy. So I bought two books last week Creative, Inc. and The $100 Startup, that will hopefully get me out of this creative-less funk. I'll review them in a couple weeks.

I need to do something creative...:)

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