Monday, June 25, 2012

Neighborhood Walk - Lines

I love our new neighborhood! Walkability was very important to us when looking for a place, so yesterday we walked to breakfast. I decided to pick a theme and to take pictures of everything related to that theme. I got this idea from elise joy's blog. So my theme for this walk was lines-vertical/horizontal lines.

my photos

My love became very frustrated with me after a while because I stopped every couple seconds to take a picture. BTW, I put the pics in Instagram because there filters make images look awesome. I love this activity because it makes you look at things differently, and it helps you to appreciate the beauty in things you wouldn't normally look twice at. If you've done this, or plan on doing it feel free to share your images:)



  1. You have such an artisitc eye. Siiiigh, wish I did too. Looking forward to seeing you real soon!

  2. Thanks! I think it makes it easier to see things like "lines" when you put in your mind that you'll be looking for it that day. Can't wait to see you next week:)