Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY Burlap Wedding Banner

My love and I had our engagement session last weekend. I thought it would be easy, but honestly it made me uncomfortable. My fiance' was such a natural, and I was the complete opposite. Who would've thunk it:)

We should get the images back in a week or so, but for the session I made a wedding banner that I found on Offbeat Bride that turned out fabulous if I say so myself:)

I found a stencil type(Carton), online and drew it on the burlap freehand with a permeant marker, and then painted it with white paint. But instead of sewing the burlap, I used the stitching iron on adhesive that worked great. So happy with the project, even though my love didn't enjoy holding the banner in front of spectators, lol. And the best part...the project only cost me $10.

I'll post pictures of us holding the banner soon.


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